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Current Biomedical Realities & Potential Future Implications*

  • 3D-printed models
  • Image of Article about 3D Printed Hearts
    3D Printed Hearts Helping Cincinnati Children’s Cardiologists Plan Complex Heart Surgeries
  • 3D-scanning and patient-specific devices, prosthetics, implants, etc.
  • *3D-printed organs, tissue, etc.
  • 3D-printed drugs
  • Article on 3D Printed Drugs
    This is the first 3D-printed drug to win FDA approval:
    3D printing makes an easier-to-swallow drug

Biomedical 3D Print Repositories

NIH-3DPX-graphic 3D printing technology is advancing at a rapid pace, but it is difficult to find or create 3D-printable models that are scientifically accurate or medically applicable. The NIH 3D Print Exchange provides models in formats that are readily compatible with 3D printers, and offers a unique set of tools to create and share 3D-printable models related to biomedical science.

FDA Guidance

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FDA Guidance
Technical Considerations for Additive Manufactured Devices : Draft Guidance for Industry and Food and Drug Administration Staff


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